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Chinese herbal medicine with herbs in wooden spoons, acupuncture needles and moxa sticks


Internal Medicine

There are over four hundred individual herbs in the Chinese pharmacopoeia. Each herb has specific functions, indications and target areas of the body. Custom herbal formulation is complex – the process requires a deep understanding of how each herb interacts with one another as well as within the individual. Custom formulas are specifically tailored to the individual’s needs at each visit.

We only use the highest quality herbs and products, including organic when available. All of our herbs are cGMP certified - meaning they are independently tested in a lab to determine that they are what they claim to be and are free of all adulterants. 



Raw herbs are actually not "raw" at all but are dried, sometimes after special preparation such as cooking in wine or dry frying to enhance or mitigate specific actions. They are frequently called "raw" because other than the aforementioned preparations, they have not gone through processing such as being powdered or extracted into liquid. Sometimes, a raw formula may require the addition of a common household food such as ginger, and in that case we would call it "fresh ginger"

Chinese herbal medicine


Granules are relatively new to Chinese Medicine. They are the modern adaptation to raw herbs. They offer all of the benefits of a custom raw herbal formula in a form that is compact and concentrated making them easy to travel with and quick to prepare. Preparation is as simple as measuring the granules and adding warm water. 



A liquid herbal extract is a concentrated solution made by extracting the herb's chemical constituents out of the inert herb fiber with a solution of alcohol and water. A quality liquid herbal extract should optimally preserve the aroma, taste and biological activity of the herb from which it is made. Vanilla extract is a commonly known liquid herbal extract.


Liquid extracts are convenient to travel with as most formula prescriptions are a small 1oz dropper bottle. Because they are concentrated and easy to administer, they are ideal for children. Liquid extracts also allow for quick absorption, which is helpful for patients suffering from poor digestion or other situations where quick relief is called for. 


Spirit Root Healing Arts is proud to carry Orion Herbs - a local company from Miami who create high quality herbal products. All of Orion Herbs are free from fillers, binders, casing, additives, sweeteners and preservatives. Every bottle contains only herbs, water and alcohol. 

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