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We accept insurance! To find out if your insurance covers our services have your insurance card ready and give us a call. We usually receive insurance verifications within 24-48 hours.
Note: Insurance does NOT cover Cosmetic Acupuncture.

In this system of medicine each treatment builds on the previous one. Achieving significant healing requires a commitment on your part. Optimal results are achieved when a patient follows the suggested treatment plan. We individualize each treatment plan according to the specific condition being treated. Generally, acute conditions respond more quickly than chronic conditions. We also encourage follow up care to prevent symptoms from recurring and to maintain wellness. For this reason, we offer Pre-Paid Packages. Patients will usually begin to see positive changes within the first 72 hours for acute conditions and after the first few treatments for chronic conditions.


  • Initial Exam and Treatment: $175.00

    • 90 minute appointment

    • Includes health history, physical exam and treatment

  • Follow up visit and treatment: $95.00

    • 60 minute appointment

    • Pre-Paid Package of 5: $380.00 

All appointments are comprehensive and include all therapeutic modalities and techniques as needed at no additional charge.

*Cost of custom herbal prescriptions, homeopathic remedies, supplements and injections are not included.


  • Initial Consultation: $150.00

    •  60 minute appointment

    • Includes health history and physical exam

  • Follow up herbal visit: $50.00

    • 30 minute appointment

    • Available for established patients in person or via telehealth  


Visits do not include the cost of herbs

  • Herbal prescriptions pricing:

    • Concentrated granules: $0.60 per gram

    • Liquid concentrates: $30 per ounce

    • Raw herbs: $30 per bag


Click "More Info" below for details on the forms of herbs available



cosmetic acupuncture
  • Facial Acupuncture, Facial Gua Sha, Facial Cupping and Microneedling:

  • Initial consultation and treatment: $200.00
    • 90 Minute appointment ​
  • Treatment Packages: 60 minute appointments  ​
    • 6 Treatment Plan: $600.00

    • 3 Treatment Plan: $400.00


All facial acupuncture and microneedling treatments require a Pre-Paid Package Plan that is determined at your initial visit and is based on your individual needs. Each package comes with products for follow up care. Individual maintenance treatments are available after completing a course of care for $150.00 each.


Hair analysis

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis:

  • Initial Multi-Element Assay of Hair (36 Elements): $300.00 (Includes the following 2 visits)

    • Visit 1: 30 minute initial consult and hair sample collection

    • Visit 2: 30 minute follow up to discuss results

    • Comprehensive Interpretations Report


  • Retest Multi-Element Assay of Hair (36 Elements): $200.00 (Includes the following two treatments)

    • Visit 1: 30 minute consult and hair sample collection

    • Visit 2: 30 minute follow up to discuss results

    • Comprehensive Interpretations Report

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